17 Ways You Might Be Breaking the Law (With Your Tech)

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In 1998, New York’s then mayor Rudy Giuliani created uproar when he proposed a zero-tolerance crime policy that included nabbing people for jaywalking. Anyone who’s strolled New York knows that jaywalking is as common as hot dog vendors and yellow taxis.

The online world is full of digital jaywalkers, crossing out of bounds on copyright, privacy protections or service agreements. Most of these trespasses are minor–no more likely to get you hauled downtown than ambling across the middle of the street. And you (as well as many advocacy groups) may genuinely believe that one or more of the laws you are violating are unfair, or unfairly applied.

Nevertheless, a zealous digital cop could nab you for these infractions (most of which have civil, not criminal, penalties). Here are the top transgressions that can set you on a virtual perp walk.

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