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#OWS Occupies Washington Square (for a bit)

The occupation of Times Square has been well documented – mainly by citizen journalists. Around 8PM, when I got the first wind of a simultaneous occupation happening in Washington Square at NYU, I decided to make a break for it … Continue reading

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What do “they” think of protests in the US

Today, as Occupy Wall Street occupied Times Square, I bumped into several folks from abroad (Europe and South America) and got their opinions. First, I saw the sign “French frogs are with you,” but I couldn’t make it across the … Continue reading

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Occupy Pittsburg To Start Saturday Night

At this morning’s Occupy Wall Street rally, after the stay of (possible) eviction, I found myself next to Carl Davidson – a storied union organizer who told me that the Pittsburg Occupation will kick off October 15. As in New … Continue reading

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The Chants of Occupy Wall Street

Fortunately, the protestors have employed a variety of chants. Using the same couple over and over again could be maddening. The unfortunate “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho.” does appear from time to time, but it’s mercifully rare. Here are the ditties … Continue reading

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#OccupyWallStreet – Then and Now

On August 3rd, it was possible to know everyone in the New York General Assembly by name. Two months later, it’s hard to even know how many thousands are attending. See photos from then, and now.  

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Which 99 percent?

As it’s a purportedly leaderless movement, it’s hard to say exactly who Occupy Wall Street is. But now the organizers are struggling with the challenge of saying who they are not.

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Apple’s iOS 5 is the sincerest form of flattery

Apple has an unimpeachable reputation as an innovator. But nothing is created in a vacuum. From the famous adaptation of the by-then well-established (among techies) “windows” concept to its late entry to the MP3 and smartphone market, Apple has judiciously … Continue reading

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Journalism, activism and the challenge of objectivity

While covering an Occupy Wall Street planing meeting about a month ago, I learned that the professor sitting next to me was helping coordinate with protestors in other countries. “I’d love to talk to you about that,” I said. “Great, … Continue reading

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Not the hippies you were expecting

Sure, Occupy Wall Street has students with cardboard signs and a couple of socialists. But the tenacious band of occupiers doesn’t have the tactics, demands or personalities of stereotype.

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Occupy Wall Street Protester Stretching the Truth

The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters encamped in the New York financial district (currently in a square next to Ground Zero) have achieved some of their goals and missed others by a long shot.

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