Green Hornet – A Bit Painful for Techies

(WARNING: mild spoilers ahead)

Well, I finally made it to the Green Hornet. Surprisingly good 3D – especially for a “converted” film. But unlike the production technology, the in-story tech made me a bit uncomfortable.

There is one almost-right scene in which newly minted newspaper mogul Britt Reid says that the latest story of his secret alter ego, the Hornet, must be on the front page and and the home page. Nice nod to modern tech. Then he says that the reporters also have to blog about it.

So I was waiting for the inevitable  “and Tweet it.” But it never came. It’s true that Rogen isn’t too active on Twitter. In fact, his impersonators have gotten a lot more press.

But the really uncomfortable part was the whole raison d’etre for the obligatory, massive car chase at the end of the film.

Britt tapes an incriminating conversation with the corrupt District Attorney and saves it to a…flash drive. He and sidekick Kato (Jay Chou) then have to outrun the mobsters and rush across town to Britt’s newspaper office so he can upload the incriminating data from his laptop.

Um, couldn’t he have just recorded it on an iPhone (or Droid) and uploaded over 3G from wherever he was?

Now it’s true that 3G reception isn’t always reliable. So, for true cinema verite how about a car chase as they frantically search for an available Wi-Fi hot spot…

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