The Chants of Occupy Wall Street

Fortunately, the protestors have employed a variety of chants. Using the same couple over and over again could be maddening. The unfortunate “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho.” does appear from time to time, but it’s mercifully rare.

Here are the ditties I have caught so far…


Ain’t No Power Like The Power Of People ‘Cause The Power Of People Don’t Stop

All Day All Week Occupy Wall Street

Police Join US They Want Your Pension Too

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Whose streets? Our streets!

The People Demand for Social Justice

We Are The 99 Percent

Get Up. Get Down. There’s Revolution in this Town

Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. This One Percent Has Got To Go.

Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. Corporate Greed Got To Go.

If Not Now When? If Not Us Who?

Tax The Rich End War

We Invite The Folks In Blue

A Mashup of Many: Oct 8 March to Washington Square

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